Dima’s Custom Bloom eMail opt-in
Redirect Plugin for Thank You pages

Elegant Themes makes the amazing Bloom eMail opt-in plugin, which is used to create various kinds of pop-up and inline contact forms for email opt-ins. You can configure a lot about these forms, but there’s one important piece missing. When a user hits the submit button, they just get a “success” message… that’s it. The opt-in form doesn’t redirect users to another page, where they can receive a Thank You, and where you can reach out to them in more detail.
I built a plugin to let you redirect Bloom opt-ins to either internal links in your own site or external pages on the web at large.

Why would you want a Thank You page redirect anyway?

Websites with the best conversions are the ones that never throw away an opportunity to offer the customer more of what he/she wants. When a customer has explicitly told you by filling out an opt-in form, you’d do well to redirect him/her to a “Download” page, a “Free Gift” page, a “Tell Your Friends” page, or a “More Products Like This One” page.

But there’s there’s another reason to redirect to a secondary page: understanding your conversion data.

Recently I was working on a project where my client wanted to track every single mailing list sign-up, and figure out where that customer came from, so that they could better spend their ad budgets (and avoid wasting money on ads that weren’t getting results). Sound familiar?

To do that, after customers either purchase a product or sign up to a mailing list, we have to pass them over to our Thank You page, which has code in the background that monitors Google, Facebook, and Twitter conversions.

The problem is: the Bloom plugin, out of the box, doesn’t let you redirect to a new page at all.

But good news! There’s an app for that.

There already exists a perfectly good Bloom page redirect plugin, which you can purchase for $18 over at the Elegant Marketplace.

That’s a very small price to pay. But for my project I wanted to keep my code base light, so I decided to build my own plugin to get the same results with less overhead.

After a bit of work, I ended up with a streamlined Bloom opt-in redirection plugin that does one thing very well.

So I decided to release my free Bloom redirect plugin to the public at no cost.

To get the Bloom Redirection Plugin FOR FREE, just fill out the following form to let me know you’re interested.

You’ll immediately get a [download] link to the plugin zip file (on my own server, no funny business).

By the way, I got a special request from Laura, who uses Divi + Bloom to amazing effect on her own site, for an upgrade to my plugin. Thanks to her suggestion, the plugin can now redirect not only to internal pages on your own site, but also to any external URLs on the web. Thanks Laura!

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