Sales-focused automation apps to help you do more without hiring extra hands.

Are you spending work hours on the same tedious actions every day instead of increasing your sales?

Could you be attracting more customers and making more sales if you could grab the right product data and customer info, automatically, on a schedule?

I help medium-sized business owners automate the boring stuff,
so you can do more volume without hiring extra staff or working days/nights yourself.

Get more SALES by maximizing what's already working for you
(and ditching what's not)

Get EXPERT guidance from an automation specialist

I'm Dima from Canada. I'm a nerdy programmer, but I'm also a business owner. For over a decade, I've been building stable, reliable online and offline applications that demonstrate an immediate ROI.

I work intensively for 1-6 weeks to get a project spun up, debugged, tested, and generating revenue and then I hand it off to you. That lets me spend part of my time traveling in Europe, Asia, and North America (wherever there's a high-speed internet connection so that I can stay in close contact to offer daily support).

I've been doing this 'digital nomad' thing for about a decade so far.

And it's worth mentioning: I'm a native English speaker, so culturally and linguistically, we'll be on the same page throughout our work together.

Most of my new work comes from past clients
and referrals

The best part about working with Dima was definitely the clear and consistent communication. We were constantly in contact via telephone, iMessage, and email. This made the project move by much faster because we were never waiting for the other party to respond to emails.

In addition, Dima's work was very fast and professional. We set goals that other developers told me would not be possible. Dima did it in no time! I would absolutely recommend Dima to other stores looking for a web consultant!

A friend of mine had just finished a project with Dima, and that's how we got started working with him.Dima helped us focus on the essentials of our shop.

I've already referred another friend of mine, and they're happy with him too.
I'll recommend Dima to anyone who needs an expert web developer.

Are we a good fit?
We'll start with a tiny, fixed-scope intro project

To make sure I can help you, and that my communication style is a good match for yours, I offer several small-scope engagements that come with big value for your business.

You can review all the package options on my pricing page.

Just a note: I love sharing expert advice on best-practices, but

you should NOT work with me if:

  • ... 'what's your hourly rate?' is your first question.
    • The answer is that I don't have one, because I don't measure hours. I price my service packages based on the fixed value they bring to your business.
  • ... you are looking for a mindless pair of hands to complete a "maintenance todo list", and you don't want an advisor/partner.
    • I'm here to make wise suggestions and raise a big red flag if I recognize you're going in the wrong direction.
    • I'm also a genuine person- I like to work with genuine people who value my skills.
    • If you'd prefer to hire a pair of hands, I wrote a detailed 1700-word article about how to hire a freelancer on UpWork.
  • ... you are looking for a "full service agency" who handle everything under the sun.
    • I specialize explicitly in fixing up your automated processes for more sales. I leave the SEO, social media marketing, and PPC management to other experts.
    • I'm one very engaged guy who puts a lot of energy into seeing you succeed. I'm not a team in the Philippines or Ukraine.
  • ... you are not getting enough traffic right now.
    • No matter how much CRO we do to upgrade your shop's ability to sell, if you aren't getting enough visitors and customers, we can't make a business case to justify your investment in my work.
    • If you get in touch, I'll refer you to other specialists who can help you increase your traffic as a first step.
    • I'm here to improve your sales once that traffic arrives.

Establish a relationship with a partner who is as invested in your sales as you are.

Apply to discuss with me how to automate your business processes to get more repeat customers.

100% On-The-Spot Money-back Guarantee

If, after our discussion, I agree to work with you on an implementation project, I’m so sure that I have enough knowledge and past experience to make you thrilled with the end result that I fully guarantee both my word and my work.
I assume you do the same in your business.

If within 30 days you feel you have not gotten your money’s worth, just let me know andI’ll refund your payment in full, on-the-spot, with zero hassle.

No one has ever needed or asked for a refund, but that's my philosophy, and I stand by it.

Does this match your way of working?

Get in touch for a *FREE* Discovery Call

Still have questions?

How long does it take to fill out the application form?
About 1-3 minutes, typically. You'll choose a time for us to chat (for free), and answer a couple questions. One of the questions is detailed, to help me avoid wasting your time once we jump on our FREE initial discovery call.
What happens after I apply?
We'll be scheduled for our FREE short Discovery chat and I'll give you a call exactly at that time. I like to get right down to business.

I'll ask you some questions to find out precisely what your goals are, and give you a chance to get some advice about one or two questions that have been keeping you up at night.

That'll let us determine a) if I can help you and b) if there'll be enough ROI for you to work with me.
What if I miss our session?
Life happens. We can reschedule one time, still at no cost.
I’m nervous about sharing my business problems and new ideas...
Don’t be. All information you share with me is kept in the strictest confidence. I’ve been consulting with companies that live and breathe intellectual property. If I had loose lips, I’d have gone out of business years ago.
Will you sign an NDA before we speak?
No. For small self-contained engagements, it makes little financial sense to get lawyers involved.
I don't think I need help.
Everyone needs help. Even I ask for outside help when it comes to applying these same things to my own business. It’s just too hard to see the water when you’re swimming in it.
My situation is different!
Maybe it is. That's why I create custom WooCommerce Hybrid apps, which come with the flexibility to handle very complex shop options, and turn those into simple purchase flows for your customers.

The best way to determine whether what I do is going to make a difference in your bottom line is to talk about it.
Can my business partner be on the call too?
No. This is strictly a 1-on-1 engagement. You are welcome to record the conversation to share with your business partner after the fact. If you would like to do live group work, we can talk about expanding our scope after our initial Discovery session is complete.
How long before I see results?
My tactics are designed to deliver results as quickly as possible with the least amount of stress.

I’m a big believer in the 80/20 rule and gaining momentum with small wins that have big impacts. You should expect to see measurable progress in as little as a week, but if you're planning to upgrade or overhaul the way your entire purchase flow or checkout flow works, then think in terms of a month or two.
How much should I budget?
That depends on what you plan to accomplish. I always suggest starting with a tiny, limited scope engagement so that we can feel each other out. Those start at less than $150, and they become free if you later move onto one of my larger implementation projects. You can find out more on my pricing page.
I still have questions!
No problem! You can get my email address and phone number on my contact page. Shoot me a quick message- I'll be glad to reply (for free).

This is your last chance to take action

You’re running out of web page! Don’t waste another day getting lacklustre results from a website that you invested in, and for which you had high hopes.

Rescue the investment you made in your online marketing!

Apply to work with me to discover how to supercharge your business and get more repeat clients.