Automate your consultancy's lead generation.

I help small consultancies
get booked solid
by automating the way you
attract and contact profitable leads.

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Are You Struggling to Find a Web Developer Who Understands Your Consulting Business?

I help small consultanciesget booked solid
by automating everything about the way you attract and contact leads.

If you’ve ever hired a web developer in the past, you know how hard it can be to find someone who understands you and your business. And without that understanding of the clients you’re trying to reach (i.e. the highly profitable ones), the risk that your project will fail skyrockets.

Don't gamble your hard earned money when hiring a web developer to automate your lead welcoming process.

What if you hired a seasoned web developer who is not only trustworthy and reliable, but who also knows that you don’t just want code written... someone who knows that you need to make a positive return on your investment? Someone whose livelihood depends on automating your business so that it's better off tomorrow than it is today?

What if this person learned about your business, got to the root of why you’re looking for a developer, and applied their knowledge of the web to solve this problem? What if you could hire an ally, a partner, and not just a hired gun?

I want to partner with you.

My name is Dima, and I’m a web developer. But I’m also a business owner. I’ve built my company and reputation on trust, hard work, and results. I want to learn about you, your consultancy, and what you want tomorrow to look like for your business.

Together, we’ll put together a plan of action that turns leads who come to your website into curious "engagers", and turns those engagers into recurring clients.

"I have one goal: to produce a significant return-on-investment after automating your business."
— Dima Volo

"Why should I trust you with my project?"
I’ve built my business on a foundation of reputation working specifically with small and boutique consultancies. My clients refer their colleagues to me because they know I have a track record of getting stuff done — of understanding the problem at hand, and implementing automation sequences that results in ROI.

"What makes you think you’ll understand my business?"
I know that what you really want isn’t a new website or email campaign. What you want is more clients, more free time, and more profit. I start each project by listening — I want to know everything I can about your consulting business and what problems you face. Only then will I be able to help you put together an online roadmap that charts out how to automate your business processes and make you more money.

"Why should I expect to automate all my lead generation in just a week or two, when other developers are quoting me in months?"
For web developers who indiscriminately serve every type of business, every project is a one-off adventure. But I'm laser-focused on helping boutique consultancies that match a very specific profile, which means I have developed standard operating procedures and tools to streamline doing what I do very, very well.

We might not be a good match if...

  1. You don't know who your customers are or your business isn't profitable.
    I can help you reach more customers and automate so it happens while you sleep, but I'll be listening to your guidance on who you're targeting and what tangible value you provide. These are things you have to know before working me.
  2. "We've got it all figured out already."
    If you just want a web developer to give requirements to, we won't work well together. I'm not an hourly freelancer who says "YES!" to any splash page. I'm here to recommend Best Practices and useful techniques, and show you why they're worth implementing.
  3. "What are your lowest rates?"
    If you’re looking for the lowest price possible, you won't like my rate. But if you want to make an investment in your business, and want to work with an expert web developer who’s acutely aware that you need to recoup your investment and then some, we should talk.
...clear, consistent communication either makes or breaks a project...

"This is the first time that I have ever worked on a website, so naturally, I was hesitant giving away my passwords to someone that I have never met.

Dima turned out to be very trustworthy with my personal information and could not have felt more safe working with him.

The best part about working with Dima was definitely the clear and consistent communication. We were constantly in contact via telephone, iMessage, and email. This made the project move by much faster because we were never waiting for the other party to respond to emails.

In addition, Dima's work was very fast and professional, I gave him tasks to do that other developers told me would not be possible, Dima did it in no time!"

– Daniel from BeauBrummell, NYC
...not being able to edit your own site is like buying a house with locked rooms...

Dima got it done fast and within our budget. We're proud of it. What I like best about working with Dima is how easy it is to talk to him about the results we want. He made it simple for us to go in and edit the text on our site by ourselves.

– Todd from SugarBellas's, Richmond, Va
You're done with gambling on web developers, and you want to hire a seasoned expert who understands your consulting business. You want that person to know what "ROI" means, how to automate the "R", and and why it's important to you and your bank account.
Reserve a confidential roadmapping session, and let's see how I can help make you more money:

Your Questions Answered

What's your process for starting an engagement?

Before agreeing to any engagement, we do two things:

  1. Jump on the phone for 5 - 10 minutes to go down a checklist (FREE) and determine whether your consultancy matches my target profile and, if so...
  2. Schedule a 1-hour road-mapping session ($169) in order to plot out the details of your business, establish a plan for automating your lead generation process, discuss lead magnets that you can use to get online visitors onto your upsell ladder, and determine how your most profitable clients will be targetted in any campaign.

Are there any limits to what I can ask you to make for me?

No limits. After we've determined together that your type of consultancy matches my target profile, then during our one or two weeks together you can request any kind of automation, with unlimited revisions as we go. My team and I focus on tangible results.

Realistically, if you request something that requires a lot of complex business logic, such as multiple real-time calculators for your clients to use before booking you, then I'll let you know upfront if that requires an additional week.

In that case, you'll have the option to buy a package extension, or trim some other component so that everything fits into our first engagement.

Will I be able to edit my content, sales copy, and automated lead generation tools myself after you deliver everything to me?

Of course. Depending on what the project calls for, I can use a variety of "CMS" (Content Management) systems and mailing list automation software. I configure all services to make them easy for you to tweak later on your own.

On the last day of our work together, we get on a screensharing session to give you a one-on-one tutorial on how you can take control. We'll record that session so that you can review it any time.

I make it simple for you to edit your own content because during the work I label all the components explicitly, so that you can tell at a glance where to make your own edits.

What if I'm not satisfied? What is your refund policy?

I guarantee that your investment in me and my company is zero risk, and if you don't agree you just send a 2-word email that says, "I'm out" for a zero-hassle refund.

That's not a situation we're going to get into. I choose to work specifically with those small consultancies where my work makes the most impact to your bottom line. When you can see ROI in your bank account, that's when you're satisfied.

How do I reach you? What timezone?

I'm a 'Digital Nomad'. I manage all projects personally, and I'm available to you by phone and email 6 days a week, early morning until lunch time, during normal US business hours (New York time). After lunch time is when I do project work without interruptions.

Today I'm writing this from central Europe, but last month I was in East Asia and this winter I'm moving to a warmer climate. My contact info stays the same, and since I only take on a handful of new consulting clients a year, I'm able to respond to emails and calls promptly.

What about performing maintenance on my site and automated tools after everything is LIVE?

If you need basic maintenance, like updating this or changing the punctuation in that, then there are fantastic (and inexpensive) concierge services for maintaining your site, like WPCurve.

But if you'd like me and my team to be the ones to maintain, upgrade, and update your site and automation tools for you, I have a number of monthly retainer packages at all price points, to make sure you're always covered.

Where will my site and automation be hosted after it goes live?

If you have an existing site, I'll host the new one in the same place, unless your hosting package is inadequate for the work.

If I build you a Wordpress asset, it will be hosted on the industry-leading WPEngine, which is not cheap, but worth every penny due to their caching and backup systems.

If I'm creating a more complex, calculation-heavy or dynamic website, it will be built in Node.JS and hosted on a VPS at Digital Ocean or Vultr.

For mailing list automation, we use the two industry leaders: Drip for fresh sites or Mailchimp if you have an existing list that you don't want to export to Drip.

Do I pay you before or after the work is complete? What payment methods do you support?

After we have gone through the discovery call and determined whether we can work together, I send you the first secure payment link. That covers our Roadmapping session, in which we do a deep dive into which segment of your clients is more profitable for you, and how to automate your process for reaching them.

After that, we have the option to either part ways, or to proceed together with a full engagement, in which case I'll pro-rate the cost of your Roadmapping session so that it ends up free.

Typically each project consists of two payments: 50% before work begins (Monday) and 50% after delivery (Friday).

You can pay in USD using any major credit card. The transaction is securely processed by using PCI-compliant encryption, and it'll appear on your statement as expected.

Who owns the code and files you create?

You own your content and proprietary code. I purchased a number of developers licences for all the off-the-shelf tools we use (such as Gravity Forms, Divi Editor, etc).

I never use your content or re-purpose your website for other clients. That's unethical and makes no sense when my business is built on reputation and referrals.