Rescue your online efforts and get more clients by consulting with an expert.


Lead Intake AUTOMATION (implementation project)

Have you completed my DISCOVERY or RECOMMENDATION sessions and now your internal developers need a helping hand?

When visitors are coming in thanks to your online ads or outreach, can they successfully understand the value of working with you? Or are they disappearing in under a minute, and never getting tracked or marketed to again?

Are your team members taking days to nail down a consultation call with a client, only to discover they don't have the budget or the urgency to work with you at the moment?

In this fixed-scope project, I implement for you a comprehensive and AUTOMATED system for tracking, tagging, segmenting, and QUALIFYING the visitors who come to you thanks to your online outreach. Avoid wasting your staff hours on leads who will never turn into clients, and let them focus on the ones who can and will.

This implementation integrates with your existing website, but gives you super-powers for taking in leads and turning them into new business.

Price: $7700

Lead Magnet Implementation

A "lead magnet" is a short, to-the-point high-value piece of content or salary calculator that you use to turn website visitors into prospects.

Have you completed my "Lead Magnet Recommendations" session to determine which approach is going to get the best results in your case?

This lead magnet project implementation integrates with your existing website to add something new: a special page designed with tried-and-tested online prospecting practices in place to maximize sign-ups and get more prospects for your team to contact.

If you'd like an expert to implement these recommendations for you correctly, this fixed-scope project is a simple win.

Price: $4400

Online Payment Flow setup

Are your clients putting cheques in the mail? Are your staff chasing down late payments because getting your invoices paid involves too much red tape?

Let your clients pay using their company credit cards, in single installments or on a weekly/monthly/quarterly recurring basis, so that you never have to hound them again.

This payment implementation project integrates with your existing website to offer your clients the ability to pay, SECURELY, right there on the spot.

Price: $4400


DRIP Email Campaign Recommendations (CALL)

Ask any marketer: email is the best channel for customer acquisition and retention. But 80% of online clients get acquired between the 4th and 6th email you send.

Are your team members too busy for 'maintenance prospecting'? Who has the patience for that?

Well, automated systems do. You can ensure you are following up with new prospects every day.

DRIP email campaigns are a "set it and forget it" way to reach out *personally* to a list of your prospects, but at scale.

In this 1-hour call, we generate and codify an email sequence you can use to reach out to new prospects in an automated way, without coming off like a sketchy spammer.

After the call, receive a highly-detailed, step-by-step implementation checklist for your DRIP email campaign, including a guide for the online tools that milliions of marketers are using for this exact purpose.

Price: $370

Lead Magnet Recommendations (CALL)

Are you convinced that putting out your contact form and hoping for the best isn't working? Would you like to have a 'Landing page' that candidates email around to each other (because it offers them so much darn value)?

Would employers be knocking down your door if they knew a) how significantly you could be helping them and b) that you're a trusted member of their team?

Generate, prioritize, and define novel and actionable 'lead magnet' options in this one hour call.

After the call, receive a highly-detailed, step-by-step implementation checklist for an effective lead magnet, which will anchor all of your online outreach.

Price: $170


Complete Website Teardown (including speed analysis) with Action Items

Is your website a dud? If you haven't received a single lead from your online efforts in the last week or two, then something (or everything) is not working for you.

I've analyzed hundreds of recruitment agency websites, and been responsible for building (and rebuilding) effective online client acquisition funnels from the ground up.

In this 10 to 20-minute website teardown *VIDEO SCREENCAST*, I go element-by-element through your website and identify the roadblocks that are preventing you from getting more prospects.

I highlight areas for improvement, and give examples of other sites, including your competitors, who are taking the right steps.

This is tough love, but after the video you are armed with an ACTIONABLE set of insights for how to rescue the investment you made into your website, and ensure your online ads are pointing to an effective advertisement for your firm.

Price: $470

Roadmapping Session (CALL)

You know that your online investment hasn't been paying off, and the question is why (and how you can reverse the trend!).

In this 30 - 60 minute phone call, we cover questions about how to attract your ideal prospects and qualify them toward becoming clients. RESCUE your online investment by identifying where your online strategy is falling flat.

In addition, get insight into online advertising options like LinkedIn Ads, to ensure you're not making the same mistake as most agencies: throwing ad dollars into the void.

After our telephone "roadmapping session", you receive a comprehensive written report that contains action-items to fix what isn't working in your approach, and to multiply what is.

Price: $150

Ongoing Consulting

Online Recruitment Lead Optimization Retainer

Get ongoing access to the strategic and tactical online expertise you need, when you need it.

Designed specifically for firm owners, partners, and senior executives who are facing unprecedented online competition and need to find the path forward.

Your advisory retainer entitles you to unlimited 24/7 access to me via phone and email. Monthly, quarterly, and annual plans available.

Price: $2250/mo