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How to create "online calculators" to allow leads to qualify themselves to you (and feel thrilled to be given the opportunity to do it)

Mostly what you do as a consulting firm is vague and highly context-dependent. That makes it hard for you to offer value without a phone or in-person consultation.

Chances are: more than a couple of your leads never materialized into clients because they couldn't quantify what value you'd be providing them.

Your audience's time is valuable, and picking up the phone to contact your firm asking if maybe possibly you can help is a hassle.

Marketers would say there's a lot of "friction" before these prospects pick up the phone. So our job is removing the friction.

Real-time online calculators let you QUANTIFY the value of your services, BEFORE your lead gets confused, distracted or bored and goes away.

Take this example of a real-time salary calculator:


Along the same lines, one of my clients is a recruitment firm for accounting specialists who used to work at the BIG4 firms. Most of these accountants end up kicking themselves because they had no way to quantify how much greener the grass could be for them as independent consultants.

Instead of pitching these people with explanations and brochures, we let them calculate on the spot what their salary and vacation options could be.

Emails and phone calls happen next, when the prospect is already eager to discuss the options.

The thing you're fighting against as a consultant isn't them choosing another consultant. It's them doing nothing.

Brochures have atrocious conversion rates. And the reality is that most consulting websites are brochures (with contact forms tacked on).

For clients who are looking for solutions to problems, there's no "there" there, so they get bored by vague consultant marketing-speak and bounce away.

Conversely, when we talk about automating your consulting sales process, what we really mean is adding tangible value to the process by which you pitch leads and close clients.

Creating a real-time online calculator near your entry point makes your services concrete and justifiable.

Just by eliminating all the friction between "Who are these guys" and "These guys can do something for me specifically", you've already added tangible value.

But there's even more upside for your own firm.

Use your online calculator as a lead magnet to gather contact info in exchange for results.

If your real-time calculator offers valuable calculation results (hint: either it does or you bin it!), then your prospects won't mind exchanging their email address to see the results of that calculation.

Here's an example of a high tech startup valuation estimation calculator:


PRO TIP: Intuitively, the fewer input fields there are (firstName, lastName, email, phone, company, linkedIn, etc), the higher the chance prospects will submit the form to see their results...

BUT COUNTERINTUITIVELY, I recommend to my clients ADD some friction. At minimum get their FIRST NAME and LAST NAME, so you can address prospects personally by name in your automated emails.

The more expensive and valuable your services, the more friction you can (and should) add to any input form, to ensure your leads are serious about the information they requested, and that they're solid prospects for working with you.

To be an effective lead magnet, your calculator must fit hand-in-glove with your consulting services. Recruiters offer a salary calculator, silicon valley firms offer a valuation estimator, health service firms offer a health estimator, etc.

Don't skimp on the final step:

"Confirm your email address to see your results and receive a full report in your inbox, titled "How to XYZ"

This is highly valuable to you- not only because you end up adding somebody to your outreach lists, but also because you start your follow-up process with exact data about which of your services your prospect needs and to what degree they need those services.

Offering a well-targeted real-time calculator to your visitors instantly raises the value of your website from zero to one.

That might be sufficient if you're selling a $5 ebook or training video. Any expenditure that comes from a momentary decision.

But for high-touch, high-value consulting services, it necessaily takes another few moves before our prospects turn into reliable recurring clients.

That's it for today. The next step is to demonstrate that you have the expertise to solve expensive problems in your domain, by establishing your authority in the space.

So tomorrow, we'll be delving into How to attract uncommitted leads into your sales funnel with an automated report/guide (which is free, and a no-brainer for them to download).

If you have any questions about this stuff, feel free to drop me an email. I respond personally to every message.

And if you're ahead of the curve and want help DISCOVERING where your website & marketing is leaking and how to fix it, lemme know that and you can apply for a strategy session with me.

Our first 10-minute strategy session is always free, and not sales-y. At worst, you'll walk away with one or two actionable to-do items for your developer.

Scribimus latinum sine intellectum

– Dima

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