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Why Freelancing Marketplaces are a painful place to find a web consultant (and how to cut through the noise)

Okay, tell me if this "business message" looks familiar:

Hello dear, My name is Mr. Steven, CEO at InterTech Ltd.
We have 165 web specialists ready for all your projects with budget from $169. Let me instill confidence in you:- Details will be discussed in my next email, so that you’re enlightened. -- Warmest regards.

So that's an extreme example of a predatory company, which is mass-mailing gullible consulting business owners. Clearly as a seasoned consultant you'd spot this one from a mile away.

But some messages you'll receive are less obvious and you might second-guess yourself.

In order to hone our spidey-senses, let's break this one down and understand exactly where the red flags are.

After that, we'll summarize how to cut through the noise when you're looking for a web consultant who's as professional and ROI-focused as need him to be.

When evaluating a web dev proposal, ask yourself the obvious:

  1. Even if this were at rock-bottom prices, is there any return on investment here?

    Too good to be true: when you buy a "website"" for less than the price of your own *hourly* rate, you're getting a cookie-cutter template that screams "[INSERT CORPORATE DRECK HERE]!". You may not recognize the template, but your clients sure will.

    The purpose of investing in an automated website is to convert more visitors into repeat clients, not to scare them away with stock images and superfluous parallax containers that take an extra 8 seconds to load. Loading time = lost leads.

    You need your site to be optimized by an expert to engage your specific clients and funnel them through your specific sales process. Not someone else's sales process, and not a one-size-fits-all sales process.

    Generic "cookie-cutter" landing pages are designed to show off as many web design components as possible, in order to get people to buy the template from the designer. They're not designed for lead generation, since your specific consulting business is, er... specific. And they're certainly not designed to be sales funnel automation-friendly.

    That degree of customization takes discovery time and costs money. You have to communicate to your developer what it is about your consulting business that clients are really paying for, and your developer has to be able to listen and learn, then optimize for that.

    Ask yourself:
    Does this proposal show me someone who is willing to listen and learn?
  2. Am I hiring an expert partner or a mindless pair of hands?

    Let's be candid: is "Mr. Steven" from UpWork ever going to challenge your assumptions and offer you wiser automation strategies based on his experience, or is he going to be a yes-man?

    If you wanted to study how to do it all yourself, you would. That's why you reached out for an expert to help you.

    Whereas micromanaging a mindless pair of hands comes with three problems:

    1. It's really time-consuming pushing your developer for every. single. minor. element.
    2. You are solely responsible for making sure the end product isn't full of bugs and holes, since Mr. Steven sure as heck isn't worrying about it. Is your automation working correctly? You tell him.
    3. You might be telling Mr. Steven to make the absolute wrong thing in the absolute wrong way. He knows it, you don't, and he's not about to speak up and bite the hand that feeds him.

    In 2017, there are several online tools that work pretty well for creating your site. You can use Wix and Squarespace, not to mention Wordpress, and you can do the work yourself. That way, the mindless pair of hands is your own.

    But if you have a real consulting business that is generating real revenue, you probably don't want to waste time learning web dev and making mistakes.

    That's when you hire someone who codes for a living, is able to push back on your assumptions, and spends hours every day optimizing and automating client websites to convert your prospects better.

    Ask yourself:
    Am I hiring a yes-man to tell me only what I want to hear for as long as he gets paid?
  3. Am I hiring someone who understands code & design? Can he tell when something I request is going to look bad or break another section of my site?

    Mr. Steven says he's the "CEO". Does that mean, when one of his junior developers completes code on a component for your automated website, Mr. Steven can tell at a glance whether it's genius code or a dangerous mess?

    Writing clean code is hard. Keeping gaping security holes out of your *fully-automated* website is hard. Keeping your website load time under 3 seconds even with all the built-in automation tools you've added is hard.

    When your website goes down on a Sunday evening and your hosting provider says the problem is not on their end, is Mr. Steven the guy you can trust to dig into the problem and put out the fire so you can start your week?

    Ask yourself:
    Am I hiring someone I can believe when he tells me there's no problem?

So the key takeaway is this:

Freelancing marketplaces are only a safe bet when you *ALREADY* know EXACTLY what you want built, and when you are competent in evaluating whether or not the finished product is even going to work at all.

SUMMARY: Why freelancing marketplaces =
wasted days + money pit

  • You get muddled communication in (broken) English.
  • Parts of your pages look broken on different browsers and devices.
  • You interact with yes-men who are happy to code up any low-value idea for a paycheck.
  • Every minor suggestion for improvement you request is "out of scope" and costs extra billing hours.
  • Instead of getting the experienced *consultant* you were hoping for, you end up with an hourly IT guy who needs hand-holding for every inch of progress on your site.

And when you're not a developer yourself, any contractor can tell you the job is going to take 220 work-hours and, with no basis for comparison, you'll definitely be off-balance.

So with that in mind, how do you hire someone better? How can you tell when you're working with an expert?

Experts follow a process. The value of hiring a professional web consultant is that you're buying not only the finished product, but also their project management process.

It's the process you've bought into, and your consultant's experience that keeps your project from ballooning way past your deadline and breaking your budget.

Googling for Web Developers and agencies will give you thousands of hits.

But how can you tell when you've found a web consultant with the expertise you need?

The clearest metric:
Get your web consultants on a call for a real-time

Roadmapping (also called a "Strategy Session") means your web consultant LISTENS as you explain how your leads turn into revenue, and how you expect to generate more leads and more consulting projects and more revenue online.

We go down a checklist to find out where your clients are coming from now and what (if any!) value your automated website can provide to prospects while saving you from having to do cold-calls or hire unsavory SEO guys. After that we define the multi-step funnel that's going to lead visitors from lead funnels toward your bread-and-butter services.

The web consultant's job is translating his experience in development, conversion-optimization, and automation into a detailed plan for your consulting business.

And if he's a professional, at the end you receive a written guideline document with actionable steps that you can take right away. And if he's really professional, he'll tell you when your assumptions are problematic and suggest ways to fix them.

That's exactly how you can tell when you've found a web consultant with the expertise to help you get the results you're looking for.

That's what I do. I help modern consultancies get booked solid by automating the way you attract and contact profitable leads.

A 60-minute ROADMAPPING SESSION over Skype video costs $330.

Use the resulting roadmap document as your rosetta stone when you hire any developer or agency, either me or anyone else who is competent.

Want to eliminate any risk? If you decide the session wasn't worth the price, or the resulting document isn't a full-fledged automation plan for getting you closer to your objectives, no sweat. Get a zero-questions-asked 100% refund.

And as a bonus, if you hire me and my team after a roadmapping session, I'll pro-rate your project cost so that the roadmapping session ends up being free of cost.

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