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WooCommerce Site Speed Teardown
Detailed analysis + action-item report

WooCommerce sites start out fast, but they're notorious for slowing down over time, particularly if you are using more than zero plugins to augment your shop.

I create a detailed list for you of every factor that is slowing down page load, where in your site that slow element is being generated, and a list of resources that teach how to mitigate or eliminate the problem in question, without harming the existing conversion rate on your site.

WooCommerce Product Images Repair
Quick Repair

Did you just upgrade your version of WooCommerce and discover that many of your product images and thumbnails are now broken?

Are some images smaller, some images larger, and is everything now out of alignment?

The good news is this can be solved rapidly.

a(href="/packages/woocommerce-product-images-broken-after-upgrade") Read all the details about this solution here.

WooCommerce OVERALL Site Speed Optimization

After identifying every minor and major factor causing your shop to slow down, it's time to roll up our sleeves and rescue it.

I perform a complete implementation that is guaranteed (yes, literally) to increase your site speed by 20% - 50%.

If my work doesn't achieve those numbers, you receive a complete refund, and you keep your slightly faster site.

If my work DOES achieve those numbers, your conversion rate should see a corresponding increase, and the work pays for itself within the first month.

WooCommerce MOBILE SALES Optimizations
Detailed Analysis + IMPLEMENTATION

Breaking a 3% or even 4% conversion rate for mobile sales is tough, but there are a number of quick wins that can help you get there.

If you're seeing 2/3rds of your customers coming in via smartphones, but your sales numbers on mobile aren't matching your desktop sales, then I can help.

Together we develop a mobile sales conversion rate optimization strategy and I implement it for you.

That means adjusting the mobile version of your site so that it gets right to the sale.

If your conversion rate is lower than it should be, you might be considering an investment of time and money into diving into every problem on your site. You should understand that there is a less risky alternative.

A "Product Bundle Recommendation Engine", like the 'match tool' on Dollar Shave Club, can have much higher conversion rates than your overall shop.

It is also an "education tool", which serves as a target for your content marketing. That makes it easy for influencers to drive traffic your way, since they're doing their audience a favor.

And the best part: it 'floats above' your site, and is not limited by your page loading speeds or low-performing landing pages. This 'product bundle recommendation tool' is independent but tightly integrated into your brand & style.

Read about why this module can supercharge your conversion rate.

WooCommerce HYBRID APP Complete Sales + Checkout Customization

Excited about having a lightning-fast WooCommerce implementation that DOESN'T BREAK when themes/plugins get updated?

Eager to raise your conversion rates by having 100% control over the steps and upsells during your checkout flow?

I create "Hybrid WooCommerce Apps" that use your existing WooCommerce Orders/Products, but connect to a totally-customized frontend that your customers see.

In other words, this is the whole package: a staggeringly fast-loading website in which YOU determine every detail of your sales flow.