Resources Created by Dima to help you succeed with automation, especially eCommerce

ARTICLE: How to Hire a Dev

I wrote this 1700-word guide on how to identify red flags when evaluating a freelance web developer.

This article covers:

  1. Clear red flags when a developer is wasting your time
  2. How to avoid spending your days bug hunting & micro-managing your developer
  3. How to align incentives to ensure your developer is doing his best work
  4. The benefits of a web consultant who pushes back and asks "why?"

If you're getting ready to launch a new eCommerce offering, you have to determine which platform gets you the best ROI.

You'll weigh factors like up-front vs. maintenance cost, monthly fees, reporting capabilities, etc.

I created this 13-factor WooCommerce vs. Shopify vs. Custom Platform recommendation engine to help you identify the best eCommerce platform for your needs.

Article: Speed Analysis

I prepared this detailed guide on how to use and understand GTMetrix reports to analyse your WooCommerce shop.

The idea is to:

  1. identify your current sitespeed
  2. Determine which factors are causing slowdowns
  3. Pinpoint elements that you need to remove or remedy
  4. Retest